Jim Steen – North Dakota
I have been hunting the Heart J for about 3 years now.  I live in Fargo, ND and don’t have any good deer hunting land to access.  I’m not hunting for a trophy, but I’m a part of the doe harvesting.  The accomodations have always exceeded my expectations.  I could easily stay for an extended time with complete comfort.  I have always seen deer whenever I’m out there and I have continued success in harvesting a doe.  I think Chris has done a great job of attracting deer and placing stands/blinds in fantastic spots to accomodate a successful hunt.  I would recommend this as a hunt to anyone.

Don Higgins – freelance outdoor writer and author – Illinois
I was fortunate to have visited Chris Jorde’s Heart J Ranch when the whitetail outfitting aspect was still in the planning stages. I was very impressed with the effort that Chris has put into this venture and the fact that he wanted to get the bugs worked out of the system BEFORE he ever took a paying client. Chris was on the right track before I showed up and I only made some minor suggestions to help him create a whitetail paradise and build a base of satisfied clients. I remain in contact with Chris and can attest to the fact that he continually strives to make his whitetail operation the very best it can be. I do not hesitate to send folks to Chris when they are looking for a quality whitetail hunt and in fact I hope to someday hunt with him again.

Greg Schoneck – North Dakota
North Dakota late season is my time to hunt. Every great buck I have taken has been a cold, snowy December experience. Only the best still operate in the late season and Heart J Outfitters does it well.

Jesse Schoneck – North Dakota
Chris described what he considered a shooter. I had several opportunities but was able to pass on them. When you are hunting around this many deer it is hard to wait for the right one.

Brad Treu – Wisconsin 
Heart J Outfitters is a great place to see and harvest trophy whitetail deer.  You can expect to see bucks in the 130-160 inch range and will be hunting them over large lush food plots such as corn and soybeans.

After hunting there both early and late season in 2009 and seeing some great bucks, I will be making every effort go back annually.

Jerrod Hoff – Wisconsin
Owner Chris Jorde works very hard to ensure a quality hunt and the food and lodging are awesome!  Best of all Chris isn’t just trying to run a bunch of hunters thru his camp!  His properties are bow hunting only and hunting pressure is very limited. Thanks for a great hunt Chris!