Jason Nelson – Wisconsin
For years I wanted to bow hunt North Dakota.   A friend asked me if I would like to go on a whitetail bow hunt in North Dakota with Chris Jorde @ Heart J Oufitters. At first, I wasn’t sure if I  was up for it. Living in Wisconsin I never thought there was a need to  leave my home state for a whitetail. I have shot a few nice bucks with my  bow and rifle so I didn’t know what North Dakota could offer me that I  didn’t already have.
I’ve never been more wrong. North Dakota and Heart J Outfitters are offering everything my home state can and more. Not only  are there numerous “shooter” bucks to choose from but all of the tree  stands and blinds were ready to be hunted when we arrived, which is a very  nice change from hanging all of my own stands. Chris provides different  stand set ups to account for seasonal changes in deer travel and feeding  patterns. The buck I harvested at Heart J Outfitters is the largest buck  with rifle or bow I have ever harvested!! I can’t describe to you how  happy I am with the hunt. Chris is a workhorse and always making sure  you’re comfortable, fed, and seeing bucks. I’m sure you have read many  similar cliche lines before but its the only way you’ll know, “YOU NEED TO!”

Brad Treu – Wisconsin
2011 was my third consecutive year hunting at Heart J Outfitters and owner Chris Jorde never fails to impress me with how hard he works and how much he cares about his clients having a great hunt.  Chris has done an awesome job with his deer management program and has a great understanding of deer movement on his properties.

Chris does great at keeping up with what deer are on his property and due to the food program he has, the deer stay right there all year long.  The buck I harvested in 2011 was 5 1/2 years old and lived right there his whole life.  It’s pretty neat to be able to be at the lodge holding the sheds to the deer you’re going to hunt!  Can’t wait to get back in 2012!

Jeff Jarrett – Massachusetts
Picked up last years deer today at the taxidermist, I’ve been sitting here on the couch looking at it for a few hours now, what an awesome deer he is !!!  Who would have thought he would be hanging on my wall.  Can’t thank you enough Chris for what you do.  Oh, and I dropped off this years deer, also an awesome animal.  Can’t wait to get him back also !!  Thanks again, we had a great time and another awesome hunt.

Steve Baxter & Rich Roberto – Massachusetts
Seeing how this was my first time hunting in North Dakota, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I couldn’t have been more happier with my experience!  Chris was fantastic.  I learned so much from Chris in the short period of time I was there.  I’ve never seen so many deer in my entire life.  Ultimately, I took the biggest doe I’ve ever shot and my partner shot a great eight-pointer on the last day to make the hunt a success!

Tom Lester, President of Monster Raxx Deer Mineral – Minnesota
If you are looking for a great place to hunt mature whitetails, especially during early or late season, then you need to go to Heart J Outfitters! Owner Chris Jorde runs a top notch camp, and will go to unbelievable lengths to make your hunt a success. From the supplemental feeding, and mineral program to an incredible amount of food plots, Chris gives the whitetails everything they need to draw in and hold mature bucks.

I have hunted a number of places with some really good outfitters, and Heart J Outfitters is right there with the best. When the beginning of September comes around, I know I will be in a blind or a stand with Chris. I am also very proud to be working with Chris on his supplemental feeding and mineral program. With the plan that Chris has in place already, and the aid of Monster Raxx, I believe Heart J Outfitters will go from being right there with the best outfitters around, to standing alone at the top.