Kurt Logan – Rhode Island
What an experience! Wether you’ve been hunting with Chris for 3 years or it’s your first time hunting with him, he treats everyone like a real friend. It’s a team effort from the start. Chris goes above and beyond what other outfitters do. From spraying you down, to making sure everyone has a freshly charged ozonics with them, it’s all about scent proof perfection with him. Ive never seen herds of 60-100 deer before until I started coming out here. It’s unbelievable. Good meals, good laughs and GREAT deer action. As long as there’s bow hunting in north Dakota I’ll be going back to heart j outfitters. Thanks again Chris.

Andrew Neubauer – New Hampshire
I had an amazing time hunting with Chris this past January. His attention to detail and high end equipment made this hunt a memory maker. I would recommend this hunt to anyone wanting a true opportunity at a Pope & Young buck. I look forward to my return!

Jeff Jarrett – Massachusetts
I’ve hunted with Chris three years in a row now, and have taken a fine buck every time.  I don’t want to give Chris ALL the credit, but he is the hardest working outfitter I’ve hunted with.  The area he is in holds some monster bucks, and with the trail cams he has, there aren’t many we don’t know about.  I have a standing reservation at Chris’ place until further notice.  I’ll see you in December !!

The Garafolo Family – New Jersey
On our first trip north my son,grandson,cousin and I had the opportunity to hunt with Chris Jorde of Heart J Outfitters. This was my grandson’s first hunting trip .Our first day in the field we amazed at the size and number of deer.I was lucky to be able to share the blind with my grandson and see him harvest his first deer ,Iwas a proud Grandpa ! Thanks to Chris all his hard work and efferts my son and grandson where the first father and son to harvest deer on the same hunt on the same day.These are what dreams are made of and only a first class outfitter like Chris can make them happen.This is not our last trip to Heart J outfitters and Chris Jorde we will be back next season.

Christopher Errickson – New Jersey
As owner of World Class Taxidermy, Archery and Adventures I book many deer hunts for myself and clients from all over the Midwest. Before I even consider an outfitter I do the research and hunt with them to be sure they are the real deal! Well all I can say is Chris at Heart J Outfitters is the real deal! When bow hunters come into the shop looking for a quality hunt I always talk about Heart J first.  I know the quality of game, accommodations and set ups are top shelf.
My clients have gone over 90 Percent on shot opportunity on P and Y bucks since I started booking with Chris.  All but one of my clients from last year rebooked for this year before there hunt was over and the one that didn’t tells me he is going back as soon as he can! There are no guarantees when it comes to hunting mature whitetails but I believe if you book with Chris and listen to what he tells you at some point he will get you in front of a P and Y buck! I shot my 141 Inch 10 pointer the last five minutes on the seventh evening last September and passed on two other opportunities at 125 inch bucks earlier in the week. North Dakota and Heart J Outfitters will be a yearly must do hunt for me!

Ray Smith – Ohio
I had been thinking of deer hunting North Dakota for a couple of years.  When I came across Heart J Outfitters website, I gave Chris Jorde a call.  His honesty and straight to the point answers to my questions were refreshing.  This made me feel confident to book a hunt right then.
On arrival, the trail cam pictures he showed me, made me want to get in the blind right then!
I have been hunting whitetails for 40 years.  After a few days, I witnessed the knowledge Chris had of the land and deer.  I knew I had made the right decision.  His QDM food plot architecture plan is second to none.
The number of deer I saw on my December hunt was astounding.  Chris, Keep Up The Good Work!