Sott Gondeck – Wisconsin
This was my 3rd year hunting with Heart J Outfitters and it was everything I hoped for. Thanks again to my guide Chris. He is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating in every way. Its not always about the kill its what you take away from the hunt and the lifelong friends you make. Thanks for the opportunity you gave me, “BRUTE” will look great on my wall. I will be back next year and years to come. Thanks again!

Brett Nesdahl – North Dakota
In 2004 I moved back to North Dakota and was fortunate to meet up with Chris. He invited me to hunt on his farm land north of Towner. The first time I sat for an evening hunt there were no hunting blinds and I sat with my back to a small tree on the edge of an alfalfa field. Chris told me to keep my eye on the trees across the field at dusk as this is where the bigger bucks would be coming out. Sure enough, after sitting for several hours and watching more than 75 does, fawns and smaller bucks out in the alfalfa field the bigger bucks starting filtering out. Even before Chris started managing the deer he knew the pattern of the deer and where they would be on his land. Since this time Chris has spent countless hours working, reading and talking with experts on how to develop his land to manage and support the deer population to make the hunt for his customers exciting and successful.
Chris has shown year after year one of his top goals it to provide a top quality hunting experience for every one of his clients. This is evident in the success stories and pictures posted on his webpage. Chris’s attention to detail with making sure his clients are sprayed down with scent eliminating spray and using Ozonics in the blinds shows he cares about giving the hunter the best possible chance to be successful. I am looking forward to many enjoyable and successful hunts in the future with Heart J Outfitters.

Jerry Cheney – Minnesota
I have been hunting with Chris at Hear J Outfitters since 2012.  From the first day I met Chris he was sincere about making sure I had a quality and memorable hunt.  He pays attention to details most outfitters forget or don’t bother with.  When you first step in Chris’s lodge you are surrounded by trophy whitetail mounts taken right at Heart J.  The lodge is comfortable and Chris takes pride in making sure you have everything needed for a successful hunt.  Great meals, comfortable rooms and lodge, heater body suites if you’re on a late season hunt, hand /foot warmers if needed and all scent control spray and soaps are provided as part of your hunt.   Chris makes sure you the hunter, are involved in the strategy and he has multiple hunting set-ups to choose from on his 3000 acres.  Once it is decided where you will be for your next sit, Chris drive you to the stand or ground blind and make sure you are able to enter with minimal disturbance.  Getting a spray down of scent killer each time by Chris himself.  Most hunters are unprepared by the sheer number of deer you can see on one sit at Heart J.  Chris has most of the bucks on his hit list by the time fall comes around but the best part about Heart J is the number of new bucks that show up each year.  New bucks come in each year attracted by the number of does and Heart J’s feeding program.   Once in your stand or ground blind Chris utilizes Ozonics for each hunt.  On numerous occasions I have had deer straight downwind, that never knew I was there.  Chris focuses on set-ups to get the deer within a 20-30 yard shot, broadside.  When you first see one of Heart J’s big bodied whitetails up close, you will be amazed on how big these deer get!  From Heart J’s feeding programs throughout the year, attention to details, being able to share hunting stories and memories with Chris and his other hunters each night in the lodge and most important, the ability to take a record class buck, Chris is one of the best outfitters in the business!

Rick Mueller – Wisconsin
This was my first time hunting with Heart J Outfitters, and probably will not be my last. I was very impressed with the accommodations, great food, and the amount of deer on this property. Chris has really done his homework; the food and mineral sources for the deer are excellent, where the deer property are managed exclusively for prime whitetail. On the second night of my hunt I shot a 5-1/2-year-old, 9-point, 175-pound buck; then was able to relax and enjoy the company of the rest of the hunters in my group, one of them being my son, for the remainder of my hunt. For an early season hunt and to see quality and quantity of whitetail deer, Heart J Outfitters is the place to go! Thank you Chris Jorde for a great hunt!