History of Heart J Outfitters

This is a fourth-generation family operated working farm/ranch that has a deep passion for the land as well as for the wildlife consuming it.  The land consists of 2,500 acres of agricultural fields, heavily wooded poplar tree groves, sandhills, shelterbelts, as well as native ranch lands.  Alfalfa, Corn, Sunflowers, Oats, Peas, Soybeans, Sudangrass, and a small amount of CRP land are grown on this prime whitetail property.  Nutrition is a very high priority that is achieved by the crops grown as well as through supplemental feeding of grains and minerals.  This has allowed for a large, healthy deer herd.  The abundance of deer is a prime example of what an excellent food source nestled in mostly ranching lands can do.

Heart J Outfitters began its inaugural season in 2009 due to a “Quality Deer Management” program that has evolved from many years of planning as well as nutrition management.  In 2008, the property was looked at by Don Higgins (higginsoutdoors.com) through his white-tail consulting service.  The accessment through this consultation showed that we are ready to be a reputable outfitter that any hunter can trust, as well as have a fair-chase hunting experience second to none!

After a very hard winter in 2010-2011, deer numbers were reduced significantly.  Due to the large amount of food plots and year round nutrition, the deer that survived into the spring of 2011 had significant resources available that others did not which made them continue to be healthy and rebound quickly!  The opportunity to harvest a Pope & Young buck consistently year after year is still very high!

This property has had a limited amount of deer taken due to the trophy management objectives set in place by Heart J Oufitters.  We have a predator control program intact as well as a doe harvest program to keep the buck/doe ratios in line.  Please ask about doe and turkey incentives for harvest.

Our primary emphasis is on early and late season hunts.  The early season opens late-August/early-September and allows a hunter with a great chance to harvest a velvet buck.  Bucks this time of the year are easier to pattern as well as utilize our excellent folage cover.  Late season hunts can be brutal due to the weather conditions associated with being this far north, but can pay huge dividends to any hunter as these deer have feeding on their minds.